Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)

Merger (Details)

Merger (Details) (The One Group [Member], USD $)
0 Months Ended
Oct. 16, 2013
The One Group [Member]
Business Acquisition [Line Items]  
Shares issued in business acquisition 12,631,400
Par value of stock in business acquisition $ 0.0001
Payment to acquire member interest $ 11,750,000
Shares issued to CEO and director as a control premium 1,000,000
Shares issued to CEO and related entities, pro rata portion 7,680,666
Escrow shares 2,000,000
Additional payments to TOG Members 14,100,000
Shares required for additional payments to TOG Members 5,750,000
Shares issued price per share $ 5.00
Exercise price of warrants $ 5.00
Aggregate contingent sign-on bonus 900,000
Minimum price per share per agreement $ 6.25
Amount in excess of $20,000 of excess liabilities 12,721
Excess liabilities and working capital shortfall $ 32,721
Merger exchange ratio 8.09 to one